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I'm Hui Ying, also known as cian (pronounced ki-ian) or 1675alf on lj.
I am an architecture student who likes drawing, reading, photography and BJDs. :)

My gallery has a mix of things I do, ranging from (in no particular order)
-BJD photography
-other photos (odd mix)
-Traditional drawings (mostly sketches)
-Digital drawings (tends to be fan art)
-Jewelry for BJDs
-BJD faceups
-tutorials/reviews for BJD stuff

I have a doll blog here: if you want to know more about my dolls. :) There's a tumblr for my dolls here: though it's pretty much the same stuff I post on my blogger, except I reblog stuff as well.

My dolls' profiles can be viewed here I also have a doll FAQ here.

Gabriel Kieron [CP dreaming lishe boy]
Dennis Obsidian [Luts bliss on Volks SD13 body]
Nathaniel McQueen [Migi Jina on Nobility emotional body]
Hew Paen [Migi Miho on Little Monica type A body with Soom jointed hands]
Sion Pean [Migi Miho on Little Monica type B body]
Ezekiel [Leeke Khal on Akagidoll 66cm body with LM hands]
Kristolf [Leeke Mihael on Granado Nuevo body]
Jack [Zaoll Muse on Fdoll body]
Tiyana [Elfdoll Vivien on old Supia body]
Joe [Esthy Peroth on Dollstown 15 old body]
Caillen [Migi Cynical Ryu mod on Popodoll 68cm body]
Freddie [Volks Olivia 2nd head]
Cypher [Fairyland LTF PongPong boy]
Elly [Volks SDGr Tae]
Jelly [5Stardoll Jadeite human]
Pebbles [Unoa Lilin sleeping mod on Unoa 1.5 body]
Unnamed [Unoa Lilin Roar]

Is currently saving for:
A body for Freddie

Is currently waiting for:

wishes for:
Alfie [Zaoll dreaming Luv]
? [Volks Olivia boy]
Danny [Volks Amelia boy]

Camera and lens: Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm lens and 50mm 1.8G lens
Hi, just wanted to announce that I've just set up an etsy for my doll jewelry, which would hopefully make it easier for those interested, and for those who don't have a denofangels account. ^^

My Etsy >click<


Also, I have a bunch of 2nd hand doll stuff for sale. Paypal accepted (no fees) and shipping not included in the prices. I ship from Singapore.
Free with purchase are for orders 15USD and above.

1. 14mm brown glass eyes - 10USD

1. 8-9" Green and Blond Leeke LR-020 - 24USD
Green is done with acrylic and while it has not stained my dolls, I cannot guarantee that it won't stain if you leave it for long, or get it wet. More photos: 1, 2, 3, 4

2. 8-9" LaEsperanza black and moss furwig - 16USD

3. 9-10" Wig wing blond curls - 10USD

4. 9-10" M7 wine furwig - 10USD

5. 9-10" Sunny World brown furwig

1. SD red and yellow basketball sneakers - 15USD *On Hold
More photos: 1.

1. Volks SDGr Lovely Dress set (from Tae) - 80USD *On Hold
Pictured items all included. No shoes or wig.

2. Greentime SD16G offwhite jacket - 16USD

3. SD Brown hoodie - 5USD

4. SD skirt - 1USD/free with purchase
Has a slight yellow stain (see below)

5. SD handmade hoodie - 10USD

6. SD Tata grey cardigan - 8USD
Supposed to be for delf boys, but is too tight for buttons to be done up when on a delf. Still looks decent when worn, just be aware that buttons can't be done up because of how tight it is.

7. Tata SD stripe tshirt - 6USD

8. Volks SD/SD13 black suede jacket - 28USD

9. Handmade SD singlet - 1USD/free with purchase

10. Tata SD black vest with long fronts - 12USD

11. Tata SD white arm warmers - 1USD/free with purchase

12. Sadol SD delf dress pants - 20USD

If you're interested in anything, just note me here on dA or email to 

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